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I am Claudia, married to Alexander, mother of three little ones. And I am a passionate doll maker. We are living into the middle of hip and chaotic, creative and inspiring Berlin Prenzlauer Berg/ Germany.  Pelle is the name of my oldest boy’s doll, it is a northern European Nickname, I think. Puppenstube means a littles dolls`house. So that is why my doll-making studio is called Pelles Puppenstube.

Since I was a child I love love love dolls and doll-making! For me, dolls have to be warm and kind and cosy, it is most important for me that their faces are sweet and simple and that their bodies are oh so warm and love snuggling to a child’s body.

My dolls are handmade by using only the most precious materials like wool, Swiss-made Jersey and finest fabrics. Their hair is made of pure Mohair wool, their sweet and simple faces are stitched with Cotton yarn. Dolls like mine are all over the world called Waldorfpuppen. Their characteristics are warm and smoothed faces and bodies and the use of superior material. 

A few years ago I started doll making based on customers’ wishes. By the years I remarked that taking pictures of my dolls became more and more important to me: I love arranging cute scenes with my dolls. Nowadays I have so many lovely pictures of my dolls that I want to share with you. So I am on the one hand offering my handmade dolls and on the other hand stuff for children like plates, a game and canvas, printed with photographs of my dolls. 

Do not hesitate to contact me - I am looking forward to your mails!



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